Conscious Cultural Evolution
Alexis Zeigler

Humanity is facing an environmental crisis of unprecedented proportions. We are facing a crises of social justice. Ever since the rise of civilization, we have been divided into rich and poor classes. The extreme concentration of wealth among the wealthiest of citizens can only bring increasing suffering and greater conflict.

What is the root cause of these problems? It is not "human nature" to be greedy, aggressive, or to disregard the future. The anthropological record is clear. We are capable of being altruistic or selfish, aggressive or compassionate. Many humans have lived in sustainable societies for thousands of years. We must correctly diagnose our current predicament, and have a rational, coherent plan for how to address it. This web page is dedicated to that purpose.


Empowering Communities, A Practical Guide to Energy Self Sufficiency and Stopping Climate Change
You can download it, but PLEASE condsider a small donation if you download. (You can send paypal to alex at conev dot org.) The cover as it appears on the print copy of the book is here. The book itself is here.

Integrated Activism: Applying the Hidden Connections Between Ecology, Economy, Politics and Social Progress
From North Atlantic Books, get it here.

Beyond Greenhype, Real Solutions for Global Warming, a book about by Alexis Zeigler You can download a PDF copy here


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Culture Change Constructive Panic Slideshow (Windows Media file, microsoft is evil, but that's how this file ended up...).
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If you want a much quicker download, you can just listen to the audio portion. Culture Change Constructive Panic Slideshow. (It's a little over an hour, in MP3 format.)


And Now For Something Completely Different -- Fruit Trees!

My second obsession is growing fruit. To aid others in similar pursuits, I offer for you the following short book that tells you how to grow and propagate fruit and nuts without chemicals.
Perennial Food, Easy and Reliable Methods for Growing and Propagating Fruits and Nuts.


Advanced Traffic Bicycling

Intenional Communities, Fellowship for Inentional Communities
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